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Recognizing Psychopathology in the Athletic Training Room

A common area of weakness among undergraduate athletic training programs is education on recognizing and referring psychological disorders.  Recently, it does seem there’s an increase in the number of sport psychologists employed at the Division 1 setting, but due to budget … Continue reading

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Sucidal Ideation in Athletes; Do’s and Don’ts for Health Care Professionals

The average age range for athletes whom Athletic Trainers work with are between 15-24 years. This age group is at a high-risk level for suicide (Milliner & Smith, 1994)  There are many common signs and symptoms health care professionals should … Continue reading

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Sport Psychologist’s Input on Athletic Trainer’s Involvement with Athletes & Mental Health

As an Athletic Trainer, it’s important to get input from certified sport psychologist’s regarding their thoughts on athletic trainer’s involvement with athletes.  Athletic trainer’s find themselves heavily involved with psychological issues on a daily basis. Dr. Justin Anderson Psy. D, LP. is … Continue reading

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Injured and Feeling Distressed? Try A Mindfulness Activity

Mindfulness provides the foundation for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Linehan, 1993) and could be an effective way for injured athletes to cope with distressing thoughts and emotions surrounding the sport-related injury. The basic premise behind mindfulness is to help individuals learn … Continue reading

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Really? An Athletic Scholarship Predicts A Sport-Related Injury?

In an evaluation of the various components of the integrated model of psychological response to sport injury (Wiese-Bjornstal et al., 1998), Wiese-Bjornstal and colleagues (in press, 2012) found that individuals with a higher level of athletic scholarship (i.e., full vs. … Continue reading

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The Role of Social Support In Sport Injury Recovery

See how professional distance runner, Delilah DiCrescenzo (“Hey There Delilah“), makes use of a strong social support system to deal with an injury that ended her season prematurely, forcing her to withdrawal from the 2011 Track & Field World Championships. … Continue reading

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Could A Violence Prevention Program Also Prevent Sport-Related Injuries?

Sport-related injuries are an unfortunate consequence of engaging in sport and recreational activities. Although a variety of physical and psychological factors influence the risk for sport-related injuries, one specific component or facet of sport-related injuries that has received attention in … Continue reading

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