Really? An Athletic Scholarship Predicts A Sport-Related Injury?

In an evaluation of the various components of the integrated model of psychological response to sport injury (Wiese-Bjornstal et al., 1998), Wiese-Bjornstal and colleagues (in press, 2012) found that individuals with a higher level of athletic scholarship (i.e., full vs. partial vs. none) were more likely to experience a sport-related injury. The authors suggest that the finding needs to be explored in future research to better understand the factors that affect athletes differently based on level of athletic scholarship. However, we want to hear your opinion to help guide our research of this interesting finding and, possibly, to help in the development of a measure that can better assess stress associated with athletic scholarship status. Based on your own experience, another individual’s experience, or a general hypothesis, what factors associated with an athletic scholarship could increase the risk for an athlete incurring a sport-related injury?

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