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Could A Violence Prevention Program Also Prevent Sport-Related Injuries?

Sport-related injuries are an unfortunate consequence of engaging in sport and recreational activities. Although a variety of physical and psychological factors influence the risk for sport-related injuries, one specific component or facet of sport-related injuries that has received attention in … Continue reading

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Cognitive Behavioral Approaches in the Training Room

Although sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and certified athletic trainers indicate that they encounter psychological issues that are both injury-related (e.g., fears of re-injury, lack of patience; Mann et al., 2007) and non-injury-related (e.g., stress, anxiety, and burnout; Mann et … Continue reading

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Integrated Model of Psychological Response to Sport Injury

The majority of research within the Sports Medicine Psychology Lab is based on the integrated model of psychological response to sport injury (Wiese-Bjornstal et al., 1998). According to this model, pre-injury factors (e.g., personality, a history of stressors, coping resources; … Continue reading

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